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Linn 2.jpg
Linn Cotrell

Studio String - Hand made wearable fiber art.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Laura Star Studio

Eco-printed textiles: leaves, flowers and natural dyes are bundled and steamed leaving imprints.

Las Vegas, New Mexico


Sue Orchant .jpg
Sue Orchant

Hand painted silk clothing and home decor​.

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Karen Murray.jpg
Karen Murry

Karen's Fiber Whimsy -  Sashiko, hand appliqué, sewing and felting for home and fashion.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Brooke & Adelyn.jpeg
Brooke Harper

Fiber & Leather Craft

Brooke & Adelyn - Microbatch Textile & Apparel Design


Albuquerque, NM


Tiffany Gremillion

T. Gremillion Leather​ - Handcrafted leather bags and accessories, using high quality leathers and fine braiding techniques.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Frank Osborne

Oasis Fiber - Hand dyed wool yarns, hand spun mohair yarns, crocheted textiles

Edgewood, New Mexico

Chulla Belle.jpg
Chula Belle

Art by Chula Belle - Wearable fiber art​


SFAMfiberBest #2.jpeg
Paula Best

Canvases, greeting cards and up-cycled art to wear clothing​

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kathy Kocon 1.jpg
Kathy Kocon

Fabric Crows wearing wool vests with landscapes, using applique and classic hand embroidery stitches.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

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