Melissa Merritt

Melissa creates vibrant watercolors with an unconventional perspective that shapes her compositions inspired by the natural world.

Santa Fe, NM

(505) 570-1820 

Alexis Palmaffy


Divine Palm Henna - Custom designs applied with handmade, natural henna paste.  Hand decorated wax sealed henna candles/original art.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Christina Miller


Modern icons that are a fusion of nature, animals and divine imagery

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Frank Oborne


Fine art, limited edition linoleum block prints​

Edgewood, New Mexico

Celia Cortez


My work crosses both drawing and painting media. I enjoy the details created with pencils, ink and pastels. While my painting work allows for a more intuitive approach to creating art with emotion and movement.


Cedar Crest, New Mexico


Anne Macker


Paintings of Dreams


Santa Fe, New Mexico


Ken Bonner


Unique, original, quality oil paintings which provide a feast for the eyes, heart, mind & soul

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Andrew Shows


Shows Studios -Teaching art on the Navajo reservation influenced my work & continues to inspire me.

Corrales, New Mexico


Muller Davis


Motion and emotion.  I try to pull my pieces right out of my heart.  Always an event.​

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Omar Ganzo


Ganzo Art - Paintings on wood, fresco secco, acrylics, watercolors, black gesso, pencil and resin.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Heike Strobel


Artisana - Heike is known for her very colorful, original, abstracts.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Studio in "the lofts"

Paula Best


Canvases, greeting cards and up-cycled art to wear clothing​

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Additional Artists
Maria & Miro Kenarov