Melissa Merritt

Melissa creates vibrant watercolors with an unconventional perspective that shapes her compositions inspired by the natural world.

Santa Fe, NM

(505) 570-1820 

Alexis Palmaffy

Divine Palm Henna - Custom designs applied with handmade, natural henna paste.  Hand decorated wax sealed henna candles/original art.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Christina Miller

Modern icons that are a fusion of nature, animals and divine imagery

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Frank Osborne

Fine art, limited edition linoleum block prints​

Edgewood, New Mexico

Celia Cortez

I honor the intricacies and brilliance of nature, utilizing detailed ink drawings elegantly combined with splashes of loose watercolor.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Gail Powell

Gail Powell Art - Colorful animal and landscape paintings using oils or watercolors.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


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Ken Bonner

Unique, original, quality oil paintings which provide a feast for the eyes, heart, mind & soul

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Andrew Shows

Shows Studios -Teaching art on the Navajo reservation influenced my work & continues to inspire me.

Ramah, New Mexico


Muller Davis

Motion and emotion.  I try to pull my pieces right out of my heart.  Always an event.​

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Omar Ganzo

Ganzo Art - Paintings on wood, fresco secco, acrylics, watercolors, black gesso, pencil and resin.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Heike Strobel

Artisana - Heike is known for her very colorful, original, abstracts.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Studio in "the lofts"

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Additional Artists
​Melissa Merritt
Maria & Miro Kenarov